Saturday, May 26, 2012

Free Listing Friday~A Big Success~

We are so Excited to Welcome our New Suppliers on Board @

Elizabeth McConkie from Design Studio of Liz McConkie

and Brook Cederstrom from Rigby, Idaho

Here are some of the Exciting NEW ITEMS LISTED

This Gorgeous Blessing Dress is available in our Simply Sew Sassy Shop

These adorable 18" Doll Clothes are available @

These Fashionable hats for baby are available @

These Fun and effective Math Games are available for download in our 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

We are having a

(May 25, 2012)

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Educational Resources @ Latter-day Crafters

This week we just finished listing our first of many (I  Hope) Educational items.  These items were listed for sale by:

is a blogspot owned and operated by Deb Reynolds a teacher who has been teaching for 15 years, 12 of which have been in the First Grade.

I have known Deb most of her life.  I share her passion for learning.

It is because of my passion that I share this blog post :)

 I have been a substitute teacher for 12 years, in the elementary schools in my area.  I love spending the day with these students.  My main goal each time I enter a classroom is to make a difference in these children's lives.

I have experienced many good and positive relationships.  These children are excited and eager to learn as they come to school most days. ( We have to give them an occasional bad day)

As I have observed, I see children who are:
-Quick to join in and participate. 
 -Those who stand back and observe for a while until they get things figured out. 
-And then there are those who just hang back. 

I Love them all,

but I do have to question each time.
 What is holding them back???

Some situations are beyond my control, but there are other reasons that I can help with.
Usually, self-esteem is a huge factor.  So then I have to figure out what will help them the most.

I know that Most Parents care very much about their children's experiences at school.
They have a great desire to help their children get the most out of school. 

 (I sincerely believe that the foundation for Great self-esteem in school is formed in elementary school.)

Teachers are continually trying to give these students opportunities to excel. 
 But I have also watched as teachers have become increasingly frustrated as support from the home front is lessening.

Parents are becoming increasingly more busy.
Which causes them to sacrifice the valuable time that these children need for reinforcement of the skills that were taught during school that day.
(This becomes more obvious as many of the residential schools have been forced to move to a 4 day school week.)

We have a choice.  
What do we want our children to do with their time?  

Children are continually talking about the new video games that their parents are buying for them to help fill up their time, evenings and weekends, as parents are scrambling to keep up with all of their demands. 

OK, now think about those video games,

What are most of the games focusing on........You got It! Destruction!!

Think about Destruction,
Now think about Creation.

This video will help you realize a little more.

Destruction or Negative influences  are destroying these children's self-esteem.

Now, what do you think that Creation can do for these children?

Creation develops Faith and Hope! and an irresistible desire to keep trying.  We are all trying to become something good.

Until that faith and hope are destroyed by some outside source.

These resources that have to offer are so valuable.
These pages can be laminated and used over and over.  Developing wonderful study habits. Which Creates children with wonderful self-esteem when it comes time to test on their "addition" math skills.
(There are many pages to choose from)

Think about it what would you rather have your children doing with their down time?

Video games, or
Developing their Self-esteem?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh, my little Classity Class

If you are looking for ways to help your child (kindergarten thru 3rd grade) stay on top of the learning curve this summer, take a look at this Blog....

Deb Reynolds has been a teacher for 15 years, spending 12 of those years teaching First Grade. Tired of paying for over-priced resource books and using only one or two activities from them, she set out create activities and games that could be easily incorporated into everyday teaching, were affordable, and most importantly, were fun to play! 

After sharing resources with her colleagues, their encouragement to share more broadly was the reason the Oh My Little Classity Class blog was started. Offering weekly free downloads of many activities, and previews of affordable new resources, My Little Classity Class is a great place for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents to find games and activities for their students.

Oh My Little Classity Class specializes in hands-on learning activities and games geared specifically for First Graders - with most activities and games reaching target ages of Kindergarten through 3rd grade. With so many choices, you're sure to find something that fits the educational needs of your child!