Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Family Farms are in Danger!

I am moving away from the normal posts today,  
I have need of letting the world know what injustice is happening in the world of Family Farms.  
The Department of Labor is in the process of regulating what young people are allowed to do around the farm.  They state that it is in the best interest of the children.
They want to protect them from injury. 
I say that they are trying to take the ability of instilling a solid work ethic and a value system away from the parents. 

~These activities would not be allowed~

 For example, working around six-month old bulls would be prohibited despite the fact that six-month old bulls calves are not sexually mature and do not demonstrate the same behavior as a full grown bull.  

 Please take time to visit this site for more information.
 I am sure that this is only the beginning.  One rule is; that these young people can't run a lawn mower.(For example, the Departments proposals would lead to the prohibition of youth using a water hose that is under pressure, a battery-powered hand-held screwdriver, lawn mowers, milking equipment, garden tillers, and irrigation equipment to name a few.)  
 I am sorry to say that lawn mowers are not exclusive to family farms!  

They will push this until young people can't even mow your family's lawn let alone having a summer job.  Please take time to learn more about this issue.
I am surprised how many people I have talked to that have never heard about these regulations. 
 Please share this information with your families and neighbors, on your Facebook pages and Twitter.


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