Monday, June 18, 2012

[FRY words 201-300] FREE game boards

It's Monday.  My Little Classity Class Day.  :)
The start of a brand new week!
Which also means a new learning game to add to your files.
And. . .my first day of summer break (since I was in math class for the past 2 weeks!).

I hope you're having a wonderful summer!
I know that I need to get in gear and get my own kiddos doing some review each day so they won't be completely lost come August.

If you're in that same boat, and have a child reading on a first/second grade level, these game boards will be a perfect quick review of the most common words they will encounter when reading and writing.

The games for words 201-300 are different from those for words 1-200.
These are in the format of the game "BUMP."
It's a fun way to practice both addition/subtraction AND reading all at the same time.

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Have a great week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

[Spelling Fun FREEBIE] from My Little Classity Class

Hello, friends!
Welcome to another week!
Here at our house we are one week into summer vacation.  Yesterday I made my kids crack open their math books and do a few pages.  They were less than thrilled. :)

Looking over their writing from the school year, I've found a few words with which they definitely need extra practice!
I'm going to be working up a few word lists for my kids to practice and then incorporating other very common words (check out Rebecca Sitton's 1200 most common words in reading and writing).

In my classroom (and many other classrooms around the nation according to the stats on Pinterest, lol), ROLL and SPELL is one of THE MOST POPULAR spelling activities.
It's easy to use - you only need a die and a game card (and in this download there are FOUR FIVE different game cards!!) and a spelling list!
Now, you can search my blog (My Little Classity Class) and find the individual files for each ROLL and SPELL activity.
- - - - OR!!! - - -  
You can "follow" the Latter-Day Crafters Blog, leave a comment that you do (along with your e-mail address) and I'll e-mail you the link to download ALL of the ROLL and SPELL activities at the same time!
** Here's a little secret - there will be ONE ADDITIONAL ROLL and SPELL activity card that you can ONLY get if you follow the Latter-Day Crafters Blog and get the link in an e-mail from me!!!) **

Your kids will thank you!
Okay, maybe they won't thank you during the summer, but when it comes time to practice those dreaded spelling lists during the school year, they will.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Have a great week!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Our Newest Supplier @ is Very talented and Very motivated!  
Take a Look at these Great products!

Aren't they SO Cute?

I think that they are Extremely Cute and perfect for any young person!  

Well, Now I have to tell you that these products are handmade by a 13 year old girl named Alexis!
Can you believe it???

I am so proud of her for exploring her Creative nature and for those who have encouraged her to take the time to be her Best Self and Share it with others!! 

I applaud you Alexis!  

In a day and age when Video Games are the norm and Electronic Devices are utilizing most young people's time and energy, you have chosen to take a different path.  

Stick to it I say! 

 Don't lose sight of your God given abilities. 

 Explore your inner Gifts and always reach for the Stars!  

You are amazing :) 

The Best news is that this is just the beginning!  There are MORE to come!X!

Monday, June 4, 2012

[FREE Reading Resource] from My Little Classity Class

Welcome, friends!
Deb here from My Little Classity Class.
Glad you stopped by Latter-Day Crafters to say howdy!

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Summer's here!  YAY!
As a teacher I'm more than ready for a break.
As a mom, I worry about my littles keeping caught up with their learning and not being part of the summer slide crowd.

Over at My Little Classity Class, you'll find oodles of free resources to help your own littles maintain their academic skills during the summer.
If you're not a follower of My Little Classity Class, please stop by and say hi!

Reading games are kind of hard to come by.  That's why I created the FRY games as a FREE resource for my blog followers, teacher friends, and parents of littles in my class!
You can find links to the games for the first 100 words over at My Little Classity Class.

But. . .you'll only find the link for the next 100 words (words 101-200) right here at Latter-Day Crafters!  This resource will be so valuable for your beginning readers!
The image is linked to the entire download (5 games in all - the words are divided into lists of 20 words for automaticity and ease of use.  The game is exactly the same from list to list providing a sense of comfort when the words change).
The images are linked to the download (each image takes you to the same download).

Please make sure that you are a follower of the Latter-Day Crafters blog so you don't miss any exclusive freebies from My Little Classity Class!
Have a great week!