Saturday, June 9, 2012


Our Newest Supplier @ is Very talented and Very motivated!  
Take a Look at these Great products!

Aren't they SO Cute?

I think that they are Extremely Cute and perfect for any young person!  

Well, Now I have to tell you that these products are handmade by a 13 year old girl named Alexis!
Can you believe it???

I am so proud of her for exploring her Creative nature and for those who have encouraged her to take the time to be her Best Self and Share it with others!! 

I applaud you Alexis!  

In a day and age when Video Games are the norm and Electronic Devices are utilizing most young people's time and energy, you have chosen to take a different path.  

Stick to it I say! 

 Don't lose sight of your God given abilities. 

 Explore your inner Gifts and always reach for the Stars!  

You are amazing :) 

The Best news is that this is just the beginning!  There are MORE to come!X!


  1. Nice collection of jewelry.I love every single piece you have shared here.Love the color of these jewelries.
    valley jewelers

    1. Thank you so Much! We have listed a few more of Lexi's items. Here is some more of her jewelry :) Thank you for your visit. Please come by again!X!


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