Monday, October 29, 2012


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Our Christmas Selection is growing!!! Come by and Take a Look

Thursday, October 18, 2012


As a teacher I have learned the importance of reaching as many of the 5 senses as possible, to help each of the children, cement the concept being taught into the child's memory.

Our prophets have taught us that we should be a temple loving people!
In our families, are we taking every opportunity to cement that concept into our children's memory?

I was taught an important lesson 18 years ago when my 4 year old daughter had leukemia. During this time many, many people were praying for her in the temples throughout our area. For Christmas that year, her specific gift requests was for
  "a temple that she could hold." 

A dear friend of mine, Lois Thompson had some ceramic pieces, and Bless her heart, she let me come over to her house and pick out several small temples.
 I was touched by the desire of a small 4 year old who wanted to experience the closeness of the spirit of THE LORD'S House, in our house.

This memory was brought to my remembrance when our Newest supplier, Tamara, listed many Christian porcelain statues in our store.
 I am so excited to offer them to you.
They are wonderful LDS Temples and Nativities.  They are an excellent way to help your children see and (if careful) touch these spiritual symbols of our Christianity.

Another way that we can experience these feelings of closeness to the spirit of our temples is to
create Beautiful quilts that we can wrap ourselves into! 

 We are lucky at to have access to these wonderful LDS Temple Quilt blocks!
 Please use them for Gorgeous quilts to display,
as well as blankets for our children to wrap up in.  This is just one other way to honor our Prophet's advice to have a temple in each of our children's bedrooms.
  (We have 60 different LDS Temple Quilt Blocks listed!)

If however, you only wish to have a LDS TEMPLE Picture to display in your child's room, we have some very affordable LDS Temple Prints listed  for sale.
(These prints are just a few of what we have listed)

 Please take a look and see just what style would fit your family best.  
We would LOVE to help you answer the Prophet's call, to create an enhanced memory of the Spirit of our Temples for your family!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Our Newest Listings are So Beautiful!

I am VERY excited to share them with you!

All pieces, EXCEPT Nativities come with a beautiful wooden base. Wood tones range from medium to dark wood having occasional variations in the wood texture and grain as they occur naturally. The bases are all about 1" thick and the length and width are about 1 to 1 1/2" larger than the piece mounted on them. 

All pieces are made of lady white porcelain which is not a snowy white but more of a creamy white, or winter white. The pieces are hand washable by turning the piece upside down, rinsing with warm water, a little soap, and a rag or soft brush, taking care to not get excess water on the base or where the porcelain piece is glued to the base. Still holding the piece bottom up, cradled in your hand, dry most of the water off then turn it up and finish drying. 


This Porcelain Nativity Bell is about 4" tall. About 2 1/4" across the bottom of bell. 
Actually rings.
Comes with, but is not attached to base.

PRICE: $9.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


Jesus standing with hands outreached.

About 6" tall.
Price: $25.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


Sitting Jesus with lamb, holding toddler, and pulling a little girl close. 

Lg size is approx. 5" tall & 5" wide at the bottom.
Sm. is about 4" tall and 4" wide.
Measurements given are approx. measurements of the porcelain piece itself not including the base.

Price: Small: $25.00,
Large: $35.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


Jesus praying with clasped hands at the stone in Gethsemane.

Lg. 5" tall x 5 1/2" long. 
Sm. about 4" tall x 4 1/2" long. 
Measurements given are approx. measurements of the porcelain piece itself not including the base.

Price: Small: $25,
Large: $35.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


16 pieces ranging from 3 in. to 4 1/2" tall. 
More classic look with finer detail than childlike set.

Price: $35.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


16 cute childlike pieces. 

Very simple lines almost like Precious Moments figures.
Largest piece is the camel, 2 x 2 1/2 in., Smallest piece, angel, about 3/4 x 1 1/2 in. 

Price: $35.00 
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


Two sizes: Lg. 5 3/4" ",
Sm. 3 1/2 "

Price: LARGE-$10.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


2 1/2" square at bottom, about 4" tall.
Measurements given are approx. measurements of the porcelain piece itself not including the base.

Price: $20.
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


4 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Measurements given are approx. measurements of the porcelain piece itself not including the base.

Price: $25.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.


Large-4 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 ",
Small-2 1/2" x 3" x 3".

Measurements given are approx. measurements of the porcelain piece itself not including the base.

Price: Large. $25.00,
Small. $12.00
Delivery charges will vary by size and destination.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Tardy Teacher Tuesday]

It's Tuesday!
And I'm here.
Very late, but I am here.  :)
This is a game that I created for my own kids to play to practice their multiplication/division facts/relationships.
It's an easy game to prep and to play.
The cards have a self-checking component and will help kids develop an understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division.
This is the beginner set, featuring facts of 0, 2, 5, and 10.
If you can use this in your home or classroom, please download it and leave a comment letting me know that this is useful.
Thanks, and have a great day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

PERFECT DOLLS SHOP BY Ashton Drake Galleries

There is one reason for choosing a special doll, and that is to please the receiver.
The search can seem overwhelming because of the many types to choose from. This article aims to help clarify how to choose a special modern doll for a chosen person.

A brief review of the past 200 years of doll making categorizes them into antique, vintage, and modern.

Antique ones are considered to be those produced prior to 1930.
Vintage ones are produced approximately from the mid-20th century. They were generally made between the years of 1930 - 1980.Most vintage and antique dolls were made as children's playthings.
Modern dolls are those created from approximately 1980 to today. Modern ones, as well as being made as children's playthings, have become a relatively new phenomenon as collectibles. The market for modern collectible dolls was significantly established in the 1990's.

Modern perfect dolls are a good choice for any age because there's no worry about damaging a precious historic object. The owner can enjoy handling in a relaxed way without causing damage through holding or play.

Since the person receiving the doll could be of any age, it is important to research these companies to learn which age group is being targeted by a particular company. The receiver could be a young baby or toddler under the age of four, a young person over the age of three, or an older person who enjoys dolls.

Of the modern companies searched, Ashton Drake, Vogue and Middleton seemed to target the largest age group.
Middleton offers choices of dolls from ages 0+ through all ages. In addition to appealing to all age groups, Ashton Drake and Vogue specifically target interested collectors by offering limited edition collectible dolls. Barbie, Tonner, and Only Hearts Club make dolls that appeal to pre-teens who enjoy fashion and realistic dolls.

In comparing the modern day doll companies, Ashton Drake and Vogue are excellent choices for finding a special doll because they create dolls that appeal to a very large doll audience. These dolls are produced for an adult's aesthetic taste, not a child's aesthetic taste, to appeal to the older adult. Hopefully, this article helps in the search for finding a special doll that pleases the special person.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Congratulations MURDOCK FARMS!x! 

You are the winner of our Harvest Breakdown Challenge! 

You have a $25.00 Little Caesars Gift Certificate coming your way! 

This photo of Teresa Murdock, Kerry Keller Christiansen, and Kaden Rowe received the most comments and Likes!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Teacher Tuesday] Online Math Practice

In my classroom, I use a variety of resources to help my littles memorize their math facts.  Games are a big part of that.  They LOVE daily learning stations where we practice math facts, math strategies, and word skills.
But sometimes, they need just a little bit more "drill" on the basic math facts themselves.
You know my feelings on flash cards so we won't even talk about those this morning.
A couple of years ago, one of my colleagues (thanks, Kate!) showed me this new online math fact program she had found called xTRA Math.
Simple concept - you choose the function you want your kiddo(s) to practice (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - or a combination), and BOOM!  You have an individualized practice session set up for them.
It really doesn't take long to get xTRA Math set up on your computer.  There is nothing to download.  You just have to put your information in and select the level for each of the kiddos you want using the program.
The beginning session is a little tricky because they are tested on ALL of the facts for the function(s) you selected.
After that, though, the practice takes them systematically through their facts. 
The program individualizes for each child.
Each day, the student completes 2 sessions of timed math fact practice, receiving a smiley face for each fact answered correctly in 3 seconds or less (this is considered mastery).  Once a student has achieved mastery, that fact is "retired" from the first round of practice. 
As a parent/teacher, you have the option to recieve progress reports.
These give you a detailed overview of exactly what your little is doing while on the program.  You can see which facts are really a struggle.
The best part of all?!
This is a FREE program!!!
They do accept donations, but it's FREE to use.
And it's great.
(But turn the sound down after the first couple of sessions because the talking guy gets a little annoying, lol).
Click on the logo to head over to xTRA Math.
You're welcome.  :)