Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Teacher Tuesday] Online Math Practice

In my classroom, I use a variety of resources to help my littles memorize their math facts.  Games are a big part of that.  They LOVE daily learning stations where we practice math facts, math strategies, and word skills.
But sometimes, they need just a little bit more "drill" on the basic math facts themselves.
You know my feelings on flash cards so we won't even talk about those this morning.
A couple of years ago, one of my colleagues (thanks, Kate!) showed me this new online math fact program she had found called xTRA Math.
Simple concept - you choose the function you want your kiddo(s) to practice (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - or a combination), and BOOM!  You have an individualized practice session set up for them.
It really doesn't take long to get xTRA Math set up on your computer.  There is nothing to download.  You just have to put your information in and select the level for each of the kiddos you want using the program.
The beginning session is a little tricky because they are tested on ALL of the facts for the function(s) you selected.
After that, though, the practice takes them systematically through their facts. 
The program individualizes for each child.
Each day, the student completes 2 sessions of timed math fact practice, receiving a smiley face for each fact answered correctly in 3 seconds or less (this is considered mastery).  Once a student has achieved mastery, that fact is "retired" from the first round of practice. 
As a parent/teacher, you have the option to recieve progress reports.
These give you a detailed overview of exactly what your little is doing while on the program.  You can see which facts are really a struggle.
The best part of all?!
This is a FREE program!!!
They do accept donations, but it's FREE to use.
And it's great.
(But turn the sound down after the first couple of sessions because the talking guy gets a little annoying, lol).
Click on the logo to head over to xTRA Math.
You're welcome.  :)

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