Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Teacher Tuesday] Subtraction

Today we start the first chapter of Subtraction in our math series.
It's a pretty intense math series.
Built exclusively from the Common Core Standards.
It's tough.
The tests are long and challenging.
But. . .if we continue teaching with this kind of rigor, our kiddos will have amazing results and be able to think and reason and work through kinds of problems we never thought they could.
I'm excited about that.

In the meantime, because my littles haven't been exposed to this kind of instruction prior to now, they are sort of lost.
Go Math expects them to have a basic knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction already.
We're playing a LOT of games.
I send a game home for homework every week.
Many of my littles are playing these games with their families - I see a HUGE difference in the ones that do.

We play math and reading games all year long in my classroom.
My littles develop confidence and fluency in the objectives presented in the games.

If you have a struggling learner, there is likely a game or activity to help you help your student become more proficient.  There are so many resources available.  Don't make your kiddo sit through the drudgery of flashcards.  There are better ways.  :)

Wow. . .dragging my soapbox away now.

So. . .back to the topic at hand.
Yes.  This week.
It's gonna be tough.
I won't lie.
I'm dreading it a bit.

This is the game that will go home with my littles today.
Space Walk Finger Twister - Subtraction - Facts Through 10.

Lots of fun.
Easy to play.
My own kids LOVE it!

Download it.
Play it.
See what you think.
Maybe this game isn't your favorite.
Maybe it is.

But, for the love of education, PLEASE don't just use flashcards to "help" your student!!
Stop over to my teacher blog (Oh My Little Classity Class) and see what else I have to offer.  You'll be surprised at the lack of resistance you get from your kids when you ask them to play a game.  ;)


  1. Replies
    1. You're Welcome Rhonda! Thanks for your support :)

  2. I think you were my inspiration because I started Math Game Monday this year. I just send a math game home each Monday and my kids love it. Thanks for being awesome!

    1. That is So Great Amelia! It is such a Wonderful feeling when the kids have fun learning! Keep up the Great work :)


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