Thursday, October 18, 2012


As a teacher I have learned the importance of reaching as many of the 5 senses as possible, to help each of the children, cement the concept being taught into the child's memory.

Our prophets have taught us that we should be a temple loving people!
In our families, are we taking every opportunity to cement that concept into our children's memory?

I was taught an important lesson 18 years ago when my 4 year old daughter had leukemia. During this time many, many people were praying for her in the temples throughout our area. For Christmas that year, her specific gift requests was for
  "a temple that she could hold." 

A dear friend of mine, Lois Thompson had some ceramic pieces, and Bless her heart, she let me come over to her house and pick out several small temples.
 I was touched by the desire of a small 4 year old who wanted to experience the closeness of the spirit of THE LORD'S House, in our house.

This memory was brought to my remembrance when our Newest supplier, Tamara, listed many Christian porcelain statues in our store.
 I am so excited to offer them to you.
They are wonderful LDS Temples and Nativities.  They are an excellent way to help your children see and (if careful) touch these spiritual symbols of our Christianity.

Another way that we can experience these feelings of closeness to the spirit of our temples is to
create Beautiful quilts that we can wrap ourselves into! 

 We are lucky at to have access to these wonderful LDS Temple Quilt blocks!
 Please use them for Gorgeous quilts to display,
as well as blankets for our children to wrap up in.  This is just one other way to honor our Prophet's advice to have a temple in each of our children's bedrooms.
  (We have 60 different LDS Temple Quilt Blocks listed!)

If however, you only wish to have a LDS TEMPLE Picture to display in your child's room, we have some very affordable LDS Temple Prints listed  for sale.
(These prints are just a few of what we have listed)

 Please take a look and see just what style would fit your family best.  
We would LOVE to help you answer the Prophet's call, to create an enhanced memory of the Spirit of our Temples for your family!


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    1. Thank you Rhonda! They are Extremely Beautiful and so thought provoking. I have the Gethsemane Statue and I LOVE it. I love that my kids have enjoyed These kinds of displays in our home.


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