Monday, October 8, 2012

PERFECT DOLLS SHOP BY Ashton Drake Galleries

There is one reason for choosing a special doll, and that is to please the receiver.
The search can seem overwhelming because of the many types to choose from. This article aims to help clarify how to choose a special modern doll for a chosen person.

A brief review of the past 200 years of doll making categorizes them into antique, vintage, and modern.

Antique ones are considered to be those produced prior to 1930.
Vintage ones are produced approximately from the mid-20th century. They were generally made between the years of 1930 - 1980.Most vintage and antique dolls were made as children's playthings.
Modern dolls are those created from approximately 1980 to today. Modern ones, as well as being made as children's playthings, have become a relatively new phenomenon as collectibles. The market for modern collectible dolls was significantly established in the 1990's.

Modern perfect dolls are a good choice for any age because there's no worry about damaging a precious historic object. The owner can enjoy handling in a relaxed way without causing damage through holding or play.

Since the person receiving the doll could be of any age, it is important to research these companies to learn which age group is being targeted by a particular company. The receiver could be a young baby or toddler under the age of four, a young person over the age of three, or an older person who enjoys dolls.

Of the modern companies searched, Ashton Drake, Vogue and Middleton seemed to target the largest age group.
Middleton offers choices of dolls from ages 0+ through all ages. In addition to appealing to all age groups, Ashton Drake and Vogue specifically target interested collectors by offering limited edition collectible dolls. Barbie, Tonner, and Only Hearts Club make dolls that appeal to pre-teens who enjoy fashion and realistic dolls.

In comparing the modern day doll companies, Ashton Drake and Vogue are excellent choices for finding a special doll because they create dolls that appeal to a very large doll audience. These dolls are produced for an adult's aesthetic taste, not a child's aesthetic taste, to appeal to the older adult. Hopefully, this article helps in the search for finding a special doll that pleases the special person.

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