Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Teacher Tuesday] lunchbox jokes

Good morning!
Here in our district, school starts in 9 days.
I know some of you have started already.
I'm equal parts excited and sad.

I'm not only a teacher, I'm a mom.
I pack LOTS of lunches during the school year.
McKayslin is gearing up for 3rd grade (and only eats school lunch about 3 days a month).
Kenton, because of his medical issues, won't be attending school this year, but I can still pack him a lunch to eat at home which will help him stick with a "school type" schedule as he works through his assignments.
One of my kids' favorite things about their home lunches is not just the food, it's the little jokes and notes that I slip in one or two days a week.

I know many moms do something similar.
My mom used to write me notes on the napkin she would tuck in my lunch.
Sometimes the notes in my kids' lunches are just little notebook pages.
Sometimes I use my craft punches to punch scrapbook paper into shapes and write on those.
Once in a while I get all sorts of crazy and get a set of lunch notes ready to use - lunch notes with either "yay you" type messages or joke cards.
I'll write a little note on the back - encouragement for a big test or something awesome that I've noticed about my kiddos.
They LOVE it!

If you're looking for a fun way to give your kiddos a smile during lunch time, this image is linked to the download.  :)

Have a great school year!
~ Deb

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