Friday, August 31, 2012

The Importance of State Fairs

Ok, I admit it.  I am a Country Girl.  True Blue Through and Through!  
I have been so blessed to raise my children on a farm and teach them the fundamentals of life.
We plant the seed, water it, watch it grow,and then harvest it.  We feed, water, and tend to many animals.

  We pray every day for the success of our hard work, and time invested in building our farm and ranching business.
A Great opportunity that many in this world today don't get to enjoy.

So, where do many of the children in the world get their food?  The grocery store, right?
Well, that is a true statement.  But, where does the grocery store get the food from?

 How many of you are taking the opportunity to take your children to the State Fairs around the country?  These are a Great way of teaching our children the basic concepts of self-esteem and survival.

I am lucky enough to live very close to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.
It has been a wonderful opportunity to have our children and neighbors participate in 4-H and other programs that are vital in the education of our rising generation.

Many of our family members have learned about developing their talents by having their work judged by someone who has been trained to know the value of their hard work.  Whether it be in the barn or in the sewing and cake decorating department.  The lessons and rewards are endless.

I truly Love to walk through the Hand Crafting, and the Art buildings!  Oh, how I wish that I could do what others do.  I get to enjoy from a distance the talents and gifts that others possess.

The inspiration behind my store, 

came from those gifted and talented people around me.
You ought to take a look and "Walk" through my store and admire the hard work of these gifted and talented suppliers.
Guess what, you can do more than just admire these items.  You can have them shipped right to your home to enjoy.

We would also like to add your handcrafted items to our store.
And because of that, I would Love to offer some special pricing during these weeks that many of the State Fairs are happening.
This Link:  will give you the details on how you can become a supplier for our wonderful store

Yearly Membership NOW $4.00
List an Item NOW $ .25
Little Shops Registry NOW $25.00 

Please take advantage of these specials and let your family and friends know.  I would be glad to answer any  questions @

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