Friday, January 18, 2013

zPerfect Gift

I just had to try it....

One of my suppliers just found out that their 12 year old son's leukemia was back and more aggressive than ever.

She wrote a note on Facebook:
and so I wanted to do something, anything!
For Deb is my cousin and Kenton is one special young man.....
with this note to mostly family and some friends.  It said:

 I read this note that Deb wrote on Facebook and thought maybe we could all help. Deb said."We've had so many offers to help and so many questions how to help, I thought I should update...Many have asked about Kenton's wishes. We've talked about this a lot. His biggest wish is for the 4 of us to be home. Our own home, our own toys, our own food, our own beds, his puppy, and the chance to spend each day doing only what we want to do...whether that be a day trip somewhere or us just being together watching movies, playing games, looking at scrapbooks, etc. Luke will remain on FMLA. I will teach the rest of this week 1-18-13, and then have a long term sub in my room beginning Monday as I also go on FMLA...... We are understandably concerned about the financial aspect of both Luke and I being home. We appreciate each and every offer of help. Thank you for your kind and understanding hearts! Much love, The Reynolds Family There is no Pressure, this is just a simple invitation. Help if you can. Pass it on if you like. Thanks so Much

They assigned a special link to this note so that the people that I sent it to could read it and know what the gift was for.

The gift will be delivered in 30 days.  I wanted to give everyone time to help if they wanted to.
At that time depending on how much money is in the account, then Deb can choose to have one card or many cards from the various vendors.
I think it is pretty slick.
But the best part is that it is FREE!
 and Deb and her family will get 100% of the money donated!!
Give it a try if you like.

Otherwise, you can follow my other link and learn about Kenton and his struggles and consider donating to His cause.  


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